Skiing in Dublin

It is possible to ski without any snow and there are two decent options available in Dublin if you want to get those ski legs ready.

If you prefer the outdoor option, there is a very good dry-slope at Kilternan.  This is the National Snowsports Centre for Ireland  and is run by Ski Club Ireland (see link below).  There are actually three slopes of varying gradients  (for different abilities) and they have excellent instructors there if you want to take lessons.  Alternatively, if you are a fairly competent skier and just want to warm those leg muscles up before your holiday, you can just pay to use the slopes and ‘do your own thing’.  But I do believe that skiers of all abilities can benefit from lessons – even advanced skiers.  There is always something new to learn and like golfers who are always improving their swings, skiers are constantly tweaking their technique and trying to get the perfect position.  It can sometimes help to get a professional instructor to watch you ski and suggest ways to improve.

The dry slope obviously isn’t the same as real snow (it’s easier to ski on real snow) but it’s a very good substitute and our options are extremely limited in Ireland!!   We were very lucky in 2010 when we actually had real snow to ski on at Kilternan – but that was a one-off I think!

If you prefer the indoor option, there is also a very good ski/snowsports facility at the Ski Centre in Sandyford.  The Irish Times had a very good write-up on this recently – see link below.  Again, they cater for all abilities and also offer excellent personal training sessions for people wanting to up their fitness levels before hitting the real slopes.  Skiing is a very physical activity and so it really helps to do some training before the holiday – this will lessen the possibility of injury (and I’m speaking from painful experience!)


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