Apres Ski Comes to Dublin (Part II)

As promised in my earlier blog, I wanted to give you my view on Dublin’s Christmas Market and Apres Ski Bar in Custom House Quarter.  I visited this on Wednesday night and we were lucky with the weather as it was ‘in-between’ storms Clodagh and Desmond!!  It was a calm hiatus before the next battering.

The market looks very pretty against the dark December night, with lots of twinkling lights on the stalls and a HUGE Christmas Tree.  But having visited many markets in Europe (mainly Germany) I’m afraid it doesn’t compare.  See link below to my view of the Dusseldorf Christmas Market which I visited a few years ago.


The Dublin market looks beautiful but the stalls are limited and mainly sell food.  When you visit the German markets, the majority of the stalls sell fabulous, traditional Christmas decorations that often can’t be bought anywhere else.  And the wonderful smells of mulled wine (gluhwein) stands  are everywhere.  I think there is a big gap still in Ireland for a market that can truly match the wonder of German/Austrian markets.  But then, the Germans invented the Christmas Tree so they know what they are doing in this department!!  Here are a couple photos of the Dublin market – the tree is beautiful and it’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 08.04.28

Christmas Market at Custom House Quarter, Dublin 1

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 08.04.04

Giant Christmas Tree at Custom House Quarter, Dublin 1

The Apres Ski Pop Up Bar (iBelieve) is a lovely festive place to go for a few drinks and food.  It looks great with beautiful Christmas trees and Hurricane Lamps (we need those right now!).  We ordered a hot, spiced cider and a mulled wine.  Both were excellent and certainly did the job.  But again, it doesn’t really compare to infamous Austrian Apres Ski bars that I have been lucky enough to visit over the years.  No one was dancing on the tables swigging Jägermeister and there was no cheesy German/Austrian Europop – but you might think that’s a good thing!


But as places to go in Dublin over the festive season, they are good options and definitely get you in the mood for Christmas.  Not many shopping days left to go now (Yikes!!)








Après Ski Comes to Dublin (Pop-Up Bar)

There is currently a lovely Christmas Market at Custom House Quarter, George’s Quay, Dublin 1 (Nov 26th – Dec 23d).  It includes a gigantic Christmas Tree and an Après Ski Pop-Up Bar!!


I have sampled many Après Ski Bars and Christmas Markets across Europe so I will try this on Saturday (Dec 5th) and let you know my verdict!

There are lots of festive events in Dublin this year – see link below for a list of the activities.




(Source: Rise of the Guardians: http://www.fanpop.com)