Where is all the snow this year?

Unfortunately, there is not too much snow around in the Alps at the moment.  We definitely need more of a dumping to get the levels up or the snow cannon will be working in over-drive this season.

It’s best to pick a high altitude resort if you want guaranteed snow but if you’re off to America or Canada this year, you are in luck.  See the Welove2ski website for excellent weather reports.


There is loads of snow in the US and Canadian resorts right now.  This might be the El Niño effect.    2015 sees the strongest El Niño in 18 years.  This could be making the winter milder in Europe but much colder in America.  It’s just my theory – I’m not a metrologist!  See link below for more info on the 2015 El Niño.


I’m off to Sauze d’Oulx in the Italian Alps on January 24th but the snow hasn’t been great yet this season.  But it is 2,536 m above sea level so is reasonably high up – I remain hopeful.    One of my favourite past times now is checking the Sauze d’Oulx live webcams – see link below.  All ski resorts now have webcams so if you are going off somewhere this season, you can Google the name of your resort + webcam and you should be able to find live cameras to show you what’s going on/how much snow is around, etc.  It helps to build up the excitement before you go!