Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ – You have to love this!

I’ve been watching The Jump (now in its 3rd series) on Channel 4 for the last few weeks.  There has been a lot of criticism in the press due to the extreme danger that the ‘celebrities’ are exposed to but I find it all highly entertaining.

If you haven’t seen it yet, each week an assortment of Z-listers (Brian McFadden, Arg from TOWIE, Heather Mills, Sid Owen, Sarah Harding, etc) line up to compete in various snow sports (ski jumping, snow cross, ski slalom, skeleton, etc).  They receive some training beforehand and are then let loose on the snow/ice – it’s absolute carnage with bodies being removed from the slopes after each event!!  Graham Bell is one of the experts on hand.

There have been so many injuries on this show that there seems to be hardly any of the original line up left.  But these celebrities have signed-up for this programme and know the risks.  As the show has been aired before, presumably they are aware of the injuries that previous contestants have suffered? Apparently, celebrities are queueing up to take part.

I do wonder why athletes would take part in this though.  It’s all very well for a ‘reality TV’ or soap star contestant to get injured as this won’t have a long term impact on their ‘career’  – but when athletes such as Rebecca Adlington, Beth Tweddle and Steve Redgrave (previous series) get injured, there must be repercussions for them – why would you take the risk?  Fair enough, most of these athletes have retired now but they are presumably still highly active people with some involvement still in sport. Beth Tweddle has suffered a particularly worrying back injury.

But as for the rest of the contestants, let the games continue!!  Personally, I love watching this each week as it broadcasts live from areas in and around Innsbruck in the Austrian Tirol – one of my favourite places in the world!   It is very pretty to watch and is frequently snowing – it just makes me want to sign-up for my next ski holiday!!  I am also extremely envious of the fabulous hotel that they are staying in – it looks like a castle/ a beautiful Austrian Schloss – I want to stay there!

‘Reality TV’ and Soap Stars risking serious injury (and possibly death) live on TV each week in the beautiful Austrian Tyrol – what’s not to like!!