More Funny Directski adverts (here they take on Crystal Ski)

This is brilliant.

In 2011, angered Crystal Ski (part of the huge German travel company TUI Group).  Directski stated in a newsletter that their prices were, on average, “WAY” cheaper than Crystal’s.  A senior executive from Crystal contacted Tony Collins (owner of TopFlight and the father of Directski founders Anthony & Neal Collins) to complain.   Directski responded with this cheeky ad campaign with the slogan ‘Crystal Ski were so upset about our low prices they phoned our dad’.  The ad even features Frank Bruno and a Yeti.


Funny Directski Adverts

Over the years Directski (Irish owned ski company) have kept me amused with their funny (and sometimes controversial) adverts – here are a few of my favourites.

I’m sorry if you’re from Newcastle, but this was funny!  Although it did get Directski into trouble with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority at the time.


And they couldn’t resist having a dig at Bono:


This one makes me a laugh too – again, sorry if your name is Sharon or Kevin (or Hugo & Binky)!


And my personal favourite – this is from their current 2015 campaign – it’s a nod to all things 80s:

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.57.26

It’s that time of year again – Ski Season 2015/16


I love this time of year!  The ski season has started and I’m looking forward to Christmas.  But where to ski this season?

Crystal Ski  and DirectSki  have launched their new brochures for the 2015/16 season.  I love the new graphics in the Crystal Ski brochure and Direct Ski have a great 1980s ski vibe in their new campaign.

The Irish Independent had a really good ski supplement a few Saturdays ago – if you are looking for ideas.

Recommended Ski Review Websites:

Some great ski websites for reviews on resorts, latest news, general information, etc, are:  (This is a good site for checking out snow forecasts/conditions).

I normally ski in Austria because I love the Après-ski and pretty alpine villages, but a few years ago I skiied in Canazei, Italy. This is a lovely, pretty little resort in the Dolomites.  Check-out the review that I wrote for the RTE Travel site at the time.

Anyway, I will be back very soon to give you more ideas and info…..